Europe’s first non-smoking prison — driving the inmates to smoke tea!

Apparently the IoM has the lowest recidivism in Europe — as criminals dread being banged up without a smoke. Even teabogs  have been banned at our non-smoking jail after lags used them in cigarettes instead of brewing up.
Inmates at the Isle of Man Prison now have to make do with tea granules after dozens were caught puffing away on ­teabags in their cells.
The £42million prison, which opened in ­August 2008, is Europe’s only non-smoking jail. Lags (prisoners) are told they have no choice but to give up and are given free nicotine patches and counselling sessions to help them beat their cravings.
But instead of quitting, ingenious inmates poured out the contents of teabags and rolled makeshift ciggies.

“It’s a disgrace and it’s against people’s ­human rights.” said one prisoner. He claimed black ­market ­tobacco was on sale in the jail but cost up to £60 an ounce.