Filling in Happy Valley

PROGRESS is being made to stabilise the site of a landslide in Port St Mary. At about 6.30pm on Monday there was an explosion of soil from the top of a steep grassy slope that runs from Bay View Road to Chapel beach, known as Happy Valley. Hundreds of tonnes of mud cascaded down the slope and poured on to the lower promenade wall and spilled over on to the beach.

The pavement at the top of Happy Valley collapsed and fears over the safety of 11 properties immediately above led to an evacuation overnight of residents.

A massive 650 tonnes of five-inch stone from Stoney Mountain quarry has been used to stabilise the slip to allow for the underpinning of the colonnade, which is situated at the top of the slope and beneath the edge of Bay View Road. This was completed yesterday afternoon. After that concrete was poured into the cavity underneath Bay View Road. The DoT is to continue work on the site over the weekend.  Businesses are open as usual in the area and pedestrian access is permitted. Story from the inestimable iomtoday