Frances G. Scoll-Remeika, R.I.P.

Kirk Conchan Wheel Cross by the late
Maureen Costain Richards R.B.V

Frances G. Scoll-Remeika, Wisconsin Manx Society charter member/genealogist,  Frances G. Scoll-Remeika born November 19, 1915  died November 5, 2012.  Fran and her younger siblings grew up with an understanding that they were “British” but she discovered and pursued their Manx ancestry after learning that their maternal grandmother had been daughter of Thomas Cannell, born on I.O.M., married in Kirk Michael, 1848 and buried at Barrow-in-Furness, England in 1879. Fran and Dann Willett, of WMS found they had a Manx grandmother in common, but they were uncertain about their relationship to Mike, Bob and William Cannell, who were also WMS members. Fran encouraged her sister, Doris Alff to be part of the organizing “charter members” and eventually carry on as an   active member of NAMA when she was unable to be involved. Fran particularly appreciated Manx hospitality and assistance when she visited the Island.