From the lovely Breesha Madrell via Alex Downie

The sound of festivals is ringing in the air with Shennaghys Jiu Celtic Youth Festival 1-6 April ( and the International Celtic Congress 5-10 April. In fact, you’re likely to see and hear Manx musicians and dancers out and about a lot from now right through to the autumn. Perree Bane dancers are jetting off to northern France but not before dusting off some Morris moves for the premiere of ‘Morris: a life with bells on’ at the Centenary Centre on Wednesday 31st March. Cruinnaght Aeg youth competitions and concerts start in May, with an optional Bree boot camp to shape up those musical entries.

April’s Kiaull Manninagh Jiu details all of these events and also includes reports on a whole host of happenings – the release of a new Ballagroove compilation, a new song to learn and a calendar full of things to attend. Best of luck to Falga and Cabbyl Ushtey who will be representing the Isle of Man at the Pan-Celtic Festival in Dingle, Co Kerry, next month.

If you have something to include in next month’s KMJ, please email me by Friday 23 April.

Bea as slaynt – best wishes

Breesha Maddrell
Oaseir-lhiasee kiaull Vannin ~ Manx Music Development Officer
Undinys Eiraght Vannin ~ Manx Heritage Foundation
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