Fun weekend in the DC Metro area

Saturday was the beautiful day for the Celtic Festival of Southern Maryland. Bill, Mim and I took the booth on the road and spread the Manx word. We even picked up an new family for the GWAMS: Welcome to Jamie and Trisha Brew. Jamie’s grandfather was in NAMA.

At night we headed back to D.C. for the Spring Dinner of the Greater Washington Area Manx Society where we had our elections for the next two years and were greatly entertained by one of our former Presidents, Honora Finklestein and her co-author, Sue Smily. They write detective novels around a central character who is half-Manx ( and I had asked them to celebrate my swansong as President with a murder entertainment. Well, they were brilliant! We had a great deal of audience participation as we read through our scripts — each reader not knowing what came next — as the suspense over the outine of a corpse on the restaurant floor mounted. There was a taped off crime scene and a real policeman – the real-life Alexandria cop on whom their character Greg Mason is based. [NAMA – please note – The ladies are prepared to do this at a Convention.]