Great idea!

The IOM Post Office is offering a great service. They’re scanning documents for clients who want to go paperless. While historians may groan, businesspeople will rejoice. But as the person staring at the boxes of NAMA Bulletins that require scanning I can only marvel at the thought of 600,000 a day!

In the age of computer technology, more and more companies are turning to digital document capture to enable their businesses to integrate more efficiently with computers and the internet. Office workers no longer want to be surrounded by mounds of paper files and would instead prefer a clutter-free office environment while decision-makers want to save time and money.

Integrated Mailing Solutions (IMS), the specialist communications division of Isle of Man Post Office, is an experienced provider of scanning services. Regardless of what type of paper data you have – printed text, typed, handwritten, images, barcodes or tick boxes- IMS’s scanning service can convert these into electronic files which you can access as often as you like at the press of a button from your PC.

With a 12-year history of using the latest scanning technology from Kodak, IMS’s knowledge is second to none and with a capacity to process more than 600,000 images a day, clients can expect to receive a reliable, secure and fast turnaround without sacrificing data quality.

Recently, the Pensions Division of the Personnel Office of Isle of Man Government identified the need for their mountain of files to be digitised.

Given the need to provide information on a member’s service over their lifetime, pension member records are kept far longer than regular paperwork resulting in an ever-increasing archive of member files, spilling over two sites requiring occasional off-site visits to obtain files which in turn costs time and resource.

There was also a need to mitigate fire or flood risks to original files and find a modern and simpler way of managing their archive which also avoided the chance of files being accidentally miss-filed.

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