I bet he regrets that

Note to Readers: The two-fingered salute in Britain means pretty much what a middle-fingered one does here.

Following on the story that I linked to yesterday, Cav has come to regret his impetuosity. And remember, he said recently “I made the mistake of putting national pride ahead of my career in the 2008 Olympics and I’m not going to do that again.” It’s always sad to see talent spoiled by hubris and I hope this incident will get Cav back down to earth again soon.

From Isle of Man cycling sensation Mark Cavendish has been pulled out of the Tour de Romandie by his team for making an obscene two-finger salute as he crossed the finishing line after winning the second stage in Fribourg on Thursday.

The HTC-Columbia team were clearly unhappy with his display and the 24-year-old was also fined £3,640 for his actions.

He has been criticised recently for not winning enough races and his salute was aimed in their direction, a decision which Cavendish now regrets.

Speaking to reporters, he said: “I wanted to make a statement to my critics but I realise that making a rude gesture on the finish line is not the best way to do that.

“I apologise to everybody watching the race and especially the kids. I hope I can redeem myself and show my feelings and my passion for cycling with some exciting results in the next couple of months.”