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Pilgrim Myles Standish – First Manx American
G.V.C. Young
This is a further book from the prolific pen of ‘Barney’ Young, a well known member of our Society.  (IOM Family History Society) It is published to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the birth of Myles Standish at Ellenbane, Lezayre in 1584, and who later became Captain and Military leader of the Pilgrim Fathers. Previously Myles Standish’s background has been somewhat shrouded in mystery, bat this monograph proves that Myles did belong to a branch of the Standish Family which had lived on the Island since the early 1500’s, and furthers the strong claim that he was the first Manx American.
Barney has made excellent use of many legal documents, such as deeds and wills, to show his subjects descent from Gilbert Standish of Ormskirk In Lancashire , and even further back to Jordan de Standish, of Standish in Lancashire in the early 1300’s. The reproduction of these family trees (one is reproduced by kind permission of the author) will be of great interest to all family history devotees and genealogy students, particularly perhaps to American of Manx descent. A helpful glossary of very unfamiliar terms used in those times, as well as a full index of names and places used in the text, is included.
The book is very well produced with clear easy—to—read print and sub headings, which I always find helpful, and all packaged in a very attractive cover design.
 standish tree