I went to school with these guys and would love to get in touch.

Peter and John Collister from Clowne, Chesterfield (or Castletown, Isle of Man as kids) were identical twins, who married Pat and Pauline Welsh, also identical twins, in a double wedding. They have 5 children who all look like brothers and sisters, regardless of family origin. Ref:- Daily Mail, November 1st, 2000.

The Collister twins, husband Peter and wife Pauline, and Peter’s twin John and Pauline’s twin Pat, of Great Britain were profiled in Dr. Nancy Segal’s book, Entwined Lives. Each couple has two children, with their youngest, Jennie (daughter of Peter and Pauline) and Tom (son of John and Pat), actually being born on the same day!

If anyone knows how to reach the Collister twins ~~ I’d love to know. They were in my class at school. Thanks, Kelly.