Introducing The Manx Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ManxSPCA)

Stubbin – a large Manx cat with no tail, very overweight

The ManxSPCA is the Isle of Man’s only all animal rescue centre. It does not receive government funding even though, at more than 120 years old, it is viewed by many as a Manx National Treasure.

The Society works hard to advise and educate the community about animal welfare, but sadly it deals with an ever-increasing number of abuse and neglect cases. Every year it deals with more than 8,000 calls from the community asking for help. These calls range from reporting abandoned or unwanted pets, through to expressing concerns about the welfare of wild animals such as garden birds, hedgehogs and seals.

Snowy the Westhighland Terrier – his owner was prosecuted for animal cruelty

The Society rehomes hundreds of dogs, cats and ‘small furries’ every year, and its Kennels, Cattery and Small Animals Unit are always full, with a constant turnover and demand for space. The Aviary is quieter in the winter months, but comes alive with a wide variety of birds during the summer. All the animals are given high quality veterinary care, and many benefit from enrichment and behaviour programmes.

The Society provides a vital service to the Island’s community and its environment. You can find out more by visiting its website; and to see what’s happening day-to-day please go to its Facebook page (listed as ‘ManxSPCA’). Set in the middle of the beautiful Manx countryside, it’s also a great place to visit.

Loaghtan Sheep – very underweight when they first came to us