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Washington D.C. News: Local Manx Society guests are getting ready to meet the Chief Minister, The Treasury Minister and the Attorney General at a brief reception in Alexandria this evening. More tomorrow.

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Cav holds Green jersey — just

VLM is suspending its flights from the Isle of Man to London City airport for the summer.

In a statement, the airline said the majority of its customers were business passengers and operations would be reduced during the main holiday periods.

It said passengers would be offered the choice of seats on Aer Arann flights to London City or a full refund. A spokesman for VLM Airlines said: ‘The vast majority of VLM Airlines’ passengers travel for business purposes. ‘As a result, the airline reduces operations during major holiday periods and it will be suspending its daily service from the Isle of Man to London City Airport from July 20 to September 1, 2009. Passengers booked to travel with VLM Airlines during this period are being contacted by the airline and offered the choice of seats for no additional charge on Aer Arann’s services between the Isle of Man and London City, or a full refund.’

HANGING BRA-SKETS: Ramsey gardeners Lorraine Mihailovits, Vanessa Edwards and Carol Tuson put the finishing touches on the display in Parliament Street, Ramsey. They have used recycled items – including a wide range of bras and frilly knickers – as the centrepiece of the display on the site of the former Cusha building, in Parliament Street.

Also featuring plant pots made from lamp shades and handbags, they hoped the display, put up on Sunday, would encourage others to be more creative with their recycling. It coincides with the Royal Horticultural Society’s event, featuring donated bras, boxer shorts and jockey pants, at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show this week.

THE Queenie Festival may have finished, but that £4,000 Golden Queenie is still out there, waiting to be found. Festival organiser Tim Croft said if the Golden Queenie isn’t found after two weeks, they will simplify the clues to guide people to its location. Reflecting on a very successful, week Tim said the Queenie Festival attracted thousands of people to the south to join in the festival that had something for everyone.

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