Island at War

The story about the American bomber made me start thinking about WWII and the Isle of Man. The BBC collected wartime stories together and you can find all the ones that relate to the IoM here. There are some good ones.

The IoM was also an internment camp for civilian aliens (under British control) and there is an interesting page about their lives here. In WWII, existing property, which was mostly requisitioned bed and breakfast places, were cordoned off and used as camps – different camps catered for different nationalities – women and children were housed around Port Erin and Port St Mary in the south which had controlled access from the rest of the Island; UK Fascists and Italians were interned at Peel, and a section of central Douglas promenade was cordoned off for use as a series of male camps.

Photos:Ramsey, Knockaloe Camp & Douglas Promenade,