Island’s first Forest to be Launched

I’m not entirely sure why the Island needs a forest but someone does. 

The Manx Wildlife Trust’s has chosen its 40thanniversary year to undertake its largest project to date by founding the Island’s first Forest. ‘Ramsey Forest’ will be a 30 year project to plant more woodlands and trees in between Ramsey and Sulby.


 The target will be tocreate 30% woodland cover over a 20km2 area and to promote the planting of hedgerows, street trees, garden trees and parkland in the remaining area. There will be clear benefits to wildlife including some of the Island’s rarest species of bird, invertebrate and plant.

Map of the Ramsey Forest Area
Photograph taken in the proposed Ramsey Forest Area
As well as wildlife, the local community and economy will get a boost too, with more and better recreation facilities, opportunities for tourism and a major outdoor venue for events. Ramsey Forest will help lock away carbon, mitigate local flooding and provide a green backdrop for the regeneration of Ramsey.
Andree Dubbeldam from the Manx Wildlife Trust said, “It will take a generation to create Ramsey Forest but the benefits to the community should last forever.”
 To make this happen, the Manx Wildlife Trust is appealing for volunteer help to create the forest and donations to fund it.
Find out more at the Manx Wildlife Trust website follow Ramsey Forest on Facebook. Alternatively, you can talk to representatives of the Manx Wildlife Trust at the Ramsey Fair on 6th July 2013.
For further information, contact Andree Dubbeldam (Wildflowers of Mann Project Manager) at the Manx Wildlife Trust on tel. 01624 844432.