Isle of Man author's crime comedy out in paperback

Chris Ewan has a book: The Good Thief’s Guide to Paris coming out in paperback next Thursday (August 6). It is the second book in Chris’s Good Thief series and is published by Simon and Schuster, priced £6.99.
Publisher’s Weekly said about The Good Thief’s Guide to Amsterdam, the first book in the series: ‘This impressive debut owes much of its charm and success to its compelling anti-hero, Charlie Howard…the detection is first rate and Howard is a fresh, irreverent creation who will make readers eager for his next exploit.’

‘Amsterdam’, was a huge success, having been included on The Times Christmas Books 2008: Thrillers list and shortlisted for the Last Laugh Award for the best humorous crime novel published in the British Isles.
The next one is set in Las Vegas, from whence I have just returned which is why the blog has been sporadic.