Isle of Man bakery imports emergency yeast supplies

Empty supermarket shelves
Shops have seen empty shelves since Friday because of disrupted ferry services

An Isle of Man bakery is set to fly in emergency supplies of yeast to avoid a bread shortage amid disrupted ferry freight services.
Managing director of Ramsey Bakery Jim Duncan said production will stop unless he finds supplies.
The severe weather and a technical fault with the ferry has meant major disruption to imports.
Mr Duncan fears a gap in bakery production could have a real impact on Isle of Man customers.
He added: “Hopefully we can avoid stopping production because we make and sell about 10,000 loaves every day. Although over the past few days there has been an increase in demand.
“Air cargo are trying their best to bring in a consignment and Mezeron (another freight service operating to and from Ireland) may be able to source some yeast from Belfast.”
Three out of four Steam Packet sailings on Wednesday have been cancelled and the evening sailing to Heysham, scheduled for 19:45 GMT, is subject to delay or cancellation.
The company said the Ben-my-Chree vessel will go into dry dock on 16, 17 and 18 December in order to refit the second bow thrust unit.
Once the technical work has been completed, it is thought the vessel’s ability to deal with the severe weather will be improved.