Isle of Man Domains

LUXEMBOURG – EuroDNS is glad to announce the opening of the .IM extension, now available for purchase for only 2 Euros ($2.84) at

.IM is the Country Code Top-Level Domain extension for The Isle of Man, a self-governing crown dependency located within the British Isles, but constitutionally separate from the United Kingdom. The Isle of Man is a “low tax economy” with no capital gains tax, wealth tax, or inheritance tax. Xavier Buck, CEO of EuroDNS, explains “The .IM extension represents more than just a country code domain available to all Isle of Man’s businesses and residents. It can indeed be used to personalize your web address, as .IM in English phonetically corresponds to “I am”. Therefore, having an address such as YourName.IM could sound really interesting. .IM is also strongly linked to the social characteristic of Instant Messaging, which allows you to create a website using your instant messaging screen name. The need of unique, specific and personalized domain name extension such as .IM is growing. Don’t miss this opportunity and register your .IM at EuroDNS for 2 Euros. This great offer will only be available for 6 months”.
.IM extension offers a number of interesting possibilities around the personalization and social aspects of a web address. It is also a way to expend one’s business and e-commerce within The Isle of Man. For more information on this offer and to get more promotions and an extensive list of available extensions, please go to

Hat Tip: Jim Kneale