Isle of Man makes donation to help unrest in Syria

Anti-government protesters in Deraa (23 March 2011)The Syrian unrest began in the southern city of Deraa in March 2011
The Isle of Man government’s overseas aid committee has donated about £25,000 to help international charities working in the Middle East.  BBC
The funds will go to the British Red Cross and Red International, which are working to deliver food and medicine to civilians in Syria.
Thousands of people have died during months of unrest since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad.
A government spokesman said: “Almost 4,500 people will benefit from this.”
He added: “The money donated by the committee will help the charities provide an ambulance service and provision of life-saving first aid, clinics to provide healthcare for people with chronic conditions, distribution of hygiene kits, and of food, blankets, mattresses and cooking kits.”
The committee has also allocated about £40,000 to Oxfam to help 85,000 in a refugee camp in Sudan.
The charity has appealed for help to provide clean water, sanitation facilities and hygiene equipment.