Isle of Man Stamps – Celebrating the Island’s Front-Line Services

Two of the Island’s front-line services have been celebrated by the Isle of Man Post Office recently with two stamp issues reflecting some of the work undertaken by both the Isle of Man Constabulary and the local Fire and Rescue Service.
Stamps issued for the Isle of Man Constabulary illustrate the history of the Island’s police force since its formation in 1863, focusing on a number of changes since its inception 150 years ago. Charged with protecting the Island’s residents from crime in its many forms, the local police force has passed some important milestones over the years, notably a pay increase for all ranks implemented in 1947, the establishment of an Island Police Federation, introduction of the Island’s first canine recruit during the 1960s and the appointment of its first police woman in 1967. In addition the Isle of Man Constabulary has just appointed its first Manx Chief Constable, Gary Roberts.
Meanwhile the work of the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service has been show-cased in a miniature stamp sheet, revealing the changing aspects of a modern-day service. Traditionally seen as a singular fire-fighting role, it’s clear that their position within the community has changed considerably since the service’s inception in 1965.
This mini sheet reveals the new challenges experienced by local teams, including chemical incidents, road traffic collisions, mountain rescue, community safety and of course fire-fighting.
However, prevention, protection and response have now become an integral aspect of the Island’s fire-fighting teams, with these three core objectives now at the fore-front of their daily work.
Valerie Caine
© March 2013