Isle of Man Stamps – Harbour Lights

As an Island with a number of important harbours positioned along its rugged coastline, the Isle of Man has an extensive collection of lighthouses to help those at sea to navigate safely into port.
The principal lighthouses are currently maintained by the Commissioners of Northern Lights, but there are a number of ‘minor lights’ which fall under the control of the Isle of Man Government. Erected on the end of piers and breakwaters, many are also fitted with a bell or horn for use in foggy conditions. Prior to the Revestment Act of 1765 responsibility for the Island’s harbours lay with the Duke of Atholl and the Island’s government, but later came under the control of the Admiralty and the Crown.
This colourful collection of stamps by Manx painter Tracey Dean reflects how important the minor lighthouses still are to those at sea, bringing to life a number of recognisable scenes with the skill and expertise of a talented artist, with vibrant hues, pleasing blue skies and the hope of a good summer.
Valerie Caine © March 2012