Isle of Man tops Shipping Industry Flag State Performance Table

The Isle of Man’s Ship Register has been named one of the best registers in the world after emerging with no potential negative performance indicators in the 2010 Shipping Industry Flag State Performance Table, an annual exercise undertaken by leading shipowner groupings on the basis of 19 objective criteria.
Registers are measured on their performance on 19 objective criteria including convention ratifications, designated recognised organisations and fleet age. To give an indication of the impressive performance of the register, only 5 other registers rated the same as the Isle of Man: Denmark, France, Germany, Greece and Norway. The sponsoring organisations say that the aim of the exercise is to provide a general understanding of a flag’s performance and to encourage ship operators to reflect on a flag’s quality before using it.
Minister for Economic Development, Allan Bell MHK commented: “This is a fantastic achievement by the Isle of Man Ship Registry and reinforces our commitment to maintain the Isle of Man as a leading international business centre renowned for professionalism and a longstanding
policy of positive engagement with international standards. I would like to congratulate the team at the Isle of Man Ship Registry for ensuring the Isle of Man remains a world-class location for ship registration.”
Department Member with responsibility for shipping, Alex Downie MLC, said: “This is another very important endorsement for the Isle of Man’s ship register from the international maritime community. Following on from our high placing on the Paris MOU White List and entry to the United States Coast Guard Qualship 21 Scheme earlier this year, I am delighted that we have demonstrated our standing as one of the leading registers in the world.”
Director of the Isle of Man Ship Registry, Dick Welsh commented: “Accolades like this are so valuable as this is the industry’s perspective. Topping the table rewards the staff for all their hard work in maintaining standards, but it also rewards the clients whose quality performance of their vessels is assessed. As long as we maintain the framework and quality approach to allow us to stay at the top, our clients do the rest. It is this partnership which really works well for the Isle of Man.” 

The Isle of Man Ship Registry is not just a register for ships and yachts, it is a centre of excellence, where client focus is paramount, providing a high quality service with significant cost savings over its competitors. The expertise that exists on the Isle of Man, both in the registry team and the private sector, mean that pragmatic and bespoke solutions can be provided for all requirements prior to registry and this relationship continues whilst the vessel is in service to ensure the needs of the client can be fully met at all times
Our Vision is the operation of an international Ship Register which is attractive to Blue Chip Companies, Yacht Managers and Owners and which supports economic benefit.
·       A professional Ship Registry providing a high quality of service available 24/7 with fast response to queries
·       Reasonable costs with no annual tonnage dues
·       The right to fly the “Red Ensign” and access the support of British consular services worldwide and British Royal Navy protection
·       Flexibility in the requirements for registered owners
·       The availability of Demise registry both “IN” and “OUT”
·       Support for ships treated unfairly by Port State Control
·       Full political support for shipping
·       ISO 9001/2008 Accreditation
·       Not designated as a a Flag of Convenience
·       Regular advice bulletins on key issues to help owners respond to them
·       The latest statistics produced by ‘Clarksons’ show that the Manx fleet is:
o   Growing at a rate of almost twice that of the world fleet by GRT
o   Fastest growing register in Europe (GRT)
o   4th Fastest growing register in the world (GRT)
o   7th largest fleet in Europe (GRT)
o   18th Largest fleet in the world (GRT)
o   Youngest register in Europe (Average Age)
o   3rd youngest fleet in the world (Average Age)