King Dave makes IOM papers

THE self-appointed King of Mann has offered to come to the aid of his ‘cousin’ Prince Charles – by offering him a job in his tyre company!
King David made the offer in the wake of the latest WikiLeaks’ revelations which appear to suggest that officials have held secret talks about dumping the Royal Family as the head of the Commonwealth.
Secret US cables indicate Prince Charles will not automatically assume the title when the Queen dies.
Commonwealth secretariat director of political affairs Amitav Banerji secretly told the US that ‘succession’ would have to be addressed by leaders of the Commonwealth nations.
Following the WikiLeaks’ expose, King David Howe, who manages a tyre store in the States, contacted Clarence House to offer Prince Charles a job.
He told the Manx Independent: ‘In the wake of the latest WikiLeaks’ reveal, King Dave has offered his cousin Prince Charles a job selling tires [sic].
‘It’s just too close to the holidays to let a relative go without work. The job is here if he wants it.’
Maryland businessman David Drew Howe crowned himself ‘undisputed’ King David of the Isle of Man in 2007 after his notice placed in the London Gazette went unchallenged.
Mr Howe, who also goes under the names of Drew Howe and David Howe-Stanley, claims to be cousin to the Queen and to be a direct descendant of the Stanley family, who abandoned the use of the term ‘King’ 500 years ago in favour of the title ‘Lord of Mann’.
His website includes an introduction by His Grace Archbishop Council Nedd II who states: ‘Imagine what it must be like as an average American, living with your young family in an average American town, and one day get a call from someone you’ve never met, calling you from England and informing you that you are a King. It’s the stuff of movies.
‘Only in the real-life version, the King ends up being auto service center manager whose daily activities are divided between making sure all his employees show up to work on time with meeting the needs of his customers – most having no idea that the person who just sold them their new set of radials is also a Royal Prince.
‘This is the life of my friend David Howe, or as he is known by his official style and title, His Royal Highness Prince David of Mann.’
Just for the record, here’s the official Manx Government line:

The Ministry of Justice, the UK Government Department with responsible for hereditary titles, has researched the issue and concluded that Rights granted to Sir John Stanley or anyone else before or after the reign of Henry IV in relation to the Lordship of Man and which had passed down eventually to rest with the Dukes of Athol, have been fully and inalienably acquired by the Crown.  Any rights which Mr Howe states to have been vested in his ancestors and to have passed down to him, have been extinguished and rest with Her Majesty The Queen.”
So, as far as the Isle of Man Government is concerned, the Isle of Man does not, and has never, recognised any other than Queen Elizabeth II, Lord of Man, as the Island’s legitimate Head of State.