Knob News from the Isle of Man

Hello Kelly
Thought this may be of interest to your members.
Just before Christmas we were very honoured to be chosen as one of only two businesses to be visited in the South of the Island by our new Governor His Excellency Lieutenant Governor Adam Woods. We were pleased to present The Governor with the very first tub of Manx Knobs to be produced on the Isle of Man for over 40 years.
As you may be aware all Manx Knobs for the last 40 years have been sourced from the UK and are a mass produced Generic Mint Humbug which are shipped to the Island either pre packed in Jars or containers or packed in unlabelled bags and repacked into ‘Manxified’ Tubs.
In September we started to manufacture Manx Knobs here in Ballasalla and have so far produced two Flavours of ‘Real’ Manx made Knobs.
The first is our ‘Old Grumpy Knob’ (the reason they are Old and Grumpy is because for 40 years they have been passed over in favour of the imported Knobs from the UK). Old Grumpy is a rich and Dark Minty Knob.
The second is our Christmas Knob which is a sweet and buttery knob made with American Peppermint oil and Manx Butter, Golden in colour and delicious.

And our current knob going into production as I write has TT approval and is our TT Racing Knob. A dark and sweet mint knob made with lots of rich Dark sugar giving it lots of flavour.
Our packaging has been designed by local artist Elly Kelly and all have a Manx Theme.
Elly is currently working on our next addition to the range which is our ‘Scary Bikers Knob’ which looks like being a really fun knob with a treacle flavour.
Finally by Easter we hope to have our Mixed fruit knobs available and all made here on the Isle of Man.
Local stores are already carrying our range and they can be purchased on line from the factory at
Photo: His Excellency Lieutenant Governor Adam Woods receiving the very first tub of Manx Knobs to be produced on the Isle of Manfor 40 years – Home Rule for Manx Knobs!
Hope this is of interest to you
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