Let's hope this stays until 2014!

Changes to the Isle of Man’s flights to Ireland will mean much easier and shorter trans-Atlantic journeys to the USA from Ronaldsway.

The airline announced that the Aer Lingus Regional brand would be replacing the existing Aer Arran service from a week next Sunday.

Aer Lingus’s new arrangement with the airport could also mean much cheaper and shorter distance flights to the likes of New York, Boston, Chicago and Orlando. 
There’s no alteration to any Aer Arran flights until then, and any customers who have already booked flights beyond this date will be informed of the ticket changes.
It also means that Manx passengers to the States will have a single ticket and can check luggage in at Ronaldsway right through to America. Woot! Woot! Woot!
In addition, Isle of Man flyers will be classified as regional passengers, which will give them free clearance once in the USA and save significant queuing times.
Infrastructure Minister David Cretney has hailed the new deal, saying it provides a great opportunity for Manx-Irish routes and an alternative business hub for passengers.
Now, we just have to cross our fingers, Are Lingus doesn’t go bust.