Letter from Alan Holmes

Hello Manx Mum,

From the horse’s mouth so to speak, here is a unique opportunity for any of your members to acquire some genuine autographed MANX MEMORABILIA.   In 1973, to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of The Manx Grand Prix races, the Isle of Man Post Office authority  issued a stamp featuring the 1957 MGP Double victory of Manxman Alan Holmes, (yours truly), the first Manxman to do the “Double”.  Born and bred in Castletown and now living in Spain.  An illustration of the stamp and a bit more about me can be found on various browsing sites under iom alan holmes 1957  or akin.   I have a limited number of these stamps available, in absolutely mint condition, which I am prepared to offer, autographed, together with two autographed racing photos and personalised letter.  For further details please email me direct at    

The package I am offering includes (1) One autographed stamp with a copy of the official Post Office synopsis.    (2)  One A5 size autographed action photograph.   (3)  One A5 size autographed studio photograph in leathers with an array of trophies.  (4)  A personalised covering letter.
N.B. I guarantee that all signatures are original and not just printed, photocopied or rubber stamped.
The complete package is available at a modest cost of £45  including airmail p&p.   The three items (2)  (3)  (4)  only, are available for £20 including airmail p&p.

To help both NAMA members and The MGP/TT charity, I have decided to reduce the prices to GBP 30 and GBP 15 respectively, which includes the static p&p content and is as low as I dare go. 

Payable by bank draft or money order made out to W A Holmes or alternatively to save time, by direct bank/bank transfer.   I shall of course provide my UK bank details to anyone wishing to pay by that means.   
Please note I have  made a commitment to donate at least 50% of the proceeds to the TT/MGP Riders Benevolent Fund to help injured riders and their families.  Thank you.
With best regards to all you Manxies living in North America


I remember John Nicholson painting the stamps for the IOM Post Office. He would paint them on large canvases and when they were reduced for stamps they looked pin-sharp. Manx Mum.