Letter from Vienna

Jim Kneale of GWAMS received this letter from a gentleman in Vienna:

Your members may be interested in the Chiollagh Books www site which contains a range of printed material relating to the Island available for free download. Please spread the word!

Mag. Stephen Miller
Austrian Academy of Sciences,
Centre for Cultural Research,
Wien, Austria.

I’m sure you all know that Chiollagh — pronounced chol-ag with the ‘o’ as in orange–means hearth or fireplace.

It has a number of very interesting downloads including these:

Printed Titles

  • William Cashen, William Cashen’s “Manx Folk-Lore” (1993) [X]

  • Thomas H. Kinrade, Life at the Lhen (Kirk Andreas): “Notes on the Largagh and Lhane Moar Districts of Kirk Andreas” (1993) [X]

  • Charles Roeder, Skeealyn Cheeil-Chiollee: Manx Folk Tales (1993) [X]

  • W.W. Gill, Customs & Traditions, Cures & Charms, Fairies & Phantoms (1993) [X]

  • David Craine, Mannanan’s Isle: Selected Essays (1) (1994) [X]

“Print-on-Demand” Series

  • A.W. Moore, Manx Folk-Songs: Taken from “Manx Music and Ballads” 1896 (1994) [X]

  • Mona Douglas, Manx Folk-Song, Folk Dance, Folklore: Collected Writings (1994) [X]

  • A.M. Crellin, Manx Folklore: Fairy Legends, Customs and Belief (1994) [X]

  • John Rhys, Manx Folklore and Superstitions (1994) [X]

  • Manx Folkways: A Gleaning of Writings, Number One (1994) [X]