Butte and Western Montana Manx Society


The Butte and Western Montana Manx Society is a new group formed in 2020 with the aim of sharing our respective Manx histories and preserving our collective Manx heritage. 
Our society welcomes all, those of Manx descent and those who are not, who are interested in the legacy left by the Manx who lived and worked in this part of Montana. 
It is our plan, to organize a meeting or two in historic Butte locations to share our histories, genealogies and Manx cultural inheritance. 
Anyone with Butte and Montana Manx roots  who would like research done to find more information about your Montana Manx families, (free of charge) email us and we will see what we can find for you. We are currently collecting Manx family histories for the Butte Archives. 


Barbara Clucas Furshong

Butte and Western Montana Manx Society

1116 Billings Ave Helena Mt 59601
406 – 202 – 0434 (You can text me)