Luss ny Graih. A Manx Play in Two Acts.

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By CHRISTOPHER R. SHIMMIN, Author of “Illiam Kodhere’s Will,” “The Charm,” &c.


Miss Nellie Corkhill, Post Mistress and Shopkeeper
Juan James Daugherty A lazy Beggarman Cæsar Clucas, H.K. (Country Gentleman) Member of House of Keys.
Ned Cubbon Skipper of small fishing boat
Mrs. Cubbon His Wife Rev. Ferguson Fallows
Thobm Shimmin A Blind Man
Johnnie Kewley A Boy about twelve years old.
Ffinlo A Boy about six years old.

Round-leaved Sundew.

ACT 1.

The Scene is Nellie Corkhill’s shop, which is the General Store and Post Office for the village and neighbourhood. Nellie Corkhill is an unmarried woman 35 years of age. She comes into the shop from the living room, and going behind counter, exclaims


bannee mee! nearly eight o’clock and I’ve never looked at the letters yet. If Kelly the postman took them away without me putting a lil sight on them, I wouldn’t have no rest all day. One day last winter I was put off, so that I hadn’t a chance to examine a letter, and I declare I had the newaish for a whole week. I’m not a skeet, but a body likes to know what is going on, as the man said be-fore now. I’ll read the post cards first. (Reads). Aw, yes, Big Johnny sending for more oil cake. I really believe the man is feeding his childer on oil cake.- “Messrs. Singer & Co., Douglas, kindly send at your earliest convenience half a dozen No. 5 sewing machine needles.” That one, writing on a post card so that every- body will know that she has got a sewing machine.

Luss ny Graih is a plant – aramanth or sundew in English.