Maggie Sansone

I went to the concert I have been promoting featuring Maggie Sansone and her hammer dulcimer. She and her group, who accompanied her on Irish harp, wooden flute and guitar, gave a wonderful Christmas concert of Celtic and Appalachian American music. As she had been promoted here she kindly added a segment of Manx music to the program and told everyone about the Isle of Man and where it is and how it is a Celtic nation. Sadly, I was the only GWAMS or NAMA member there but thanks to Maggie’s programming at least 400 people now know more about the IOM than they did before the concert.

Their music is fabulous. Although it’s boisterous and decidedly Celtic, the smoothness of the tone and the perfect integration of the sounds brings to mind the easy listening of chamber music – albeit with way more toe tapping! I strongly recommend it. Last night was in a church but I’m thinking a pub would be a better setting.

She is doing three more concerts around the DC area, including a New Year’s Day one in Annapolis. Check out her website for more details.