Manx aerospace business looking good for ’09

I wasn’t really aware of how much the island’s aerospace business had developed while I wasn’t paying attention but it’s huge. There was a meeting in the IoM this week and apparently 2009 is looking good for this industry sector. Here’s some information from the “cluster’s” website: I’m guessing that the photo is from what we all call Martin Bakers but is really the Ronaldsway Aircraft Co.

The Isle of Man Aerospace Cluster (IOMAC) is a concept lead by the IOM Department of Trade & Industry and the Chamber of Commerce. The committee is complemented with 4 of the Islands aerospace and high tech manufacturers:

• GE Aviation

• Swagelok Ltd

• Ronaldsway Aircraft Company Ltd

• Manx Engineers

This group are the driving force behind the IOMAC cluster concept which unites the 16 aerospace manufacturers/service providers on the island, a number of which are prime suppliers to the major OEM’s, to create real benefits to the businesses, the infrastructure and the image of island based aero manufacturing.

The Isle of Man Aerospace Cluster offers cost effective joined up solutions for Aerospace Manufacture from a central location in the British Isles complete with mature and efficient logistics links to the UK, Europe, USA and Asia. The IOMAC boasts a long heritage of high quality “one stop shop” service providers with over 50 years experience in design and manufactured solutions.