Manx card money

As part of my collection of Manx paper money, I (Brad Prendergast) recently bought an 1815 note that was issued by John Bowstead of Kirk Andrews.  This was from a currency dealer in Canada.  The photo is enlarged.  The actual note is only 2.25″ x 1.5″.  These were known as “card money”, and are among the earliest paper money issued on the IOM.  According to the Quarmby book on IOM paper money, there are 50-100 of these in the world!  I think that part of the reason that so few of these survive is that no on would put one away for a later date, unless the issuer went bankrupt. Otherwise, you would redeem it for the money.  I don’t know how much a shilling bought in 1815, but I assume it was substantial, so it would not be something you would merely put in a drawer and forget about. 

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