Manx cheese flying high on Emirates Airlines

Isle of Man Creamery is flying high after one of its premium cheeses was selected for high-end airline passengers. The Creamery’s Vintage Cheddar is appearing on a select British cheese board served to business and first-class passengers on Emirates Airlines flights. 

The inclusion of a Manx cheese is the result of the company’s sales partnership with UK-based cheese distributor Bradbury and Son.

The firm, which markets continental and artisanal British cheeses, will create the offering of four dairy delicacies at its Buxton site.
The board will be served on every Emirates flight departing the UK during August and September along with a specially commissioned tasting guide, describing the cheeses’ characteristics and provenance.

Isle of Man Creamery Managing Director Findlay Macleod said: “Emirates have searched the market to bring together a cheese selection suitable for a crucial passenger category. They know that this type of consumer enjoys new eating experiences and learning the story behind the products.”
He went on: “As an added bonus, it may be an unusual way for the Isle of Man to come to the attention of high net worth individuals!”

North American Manx Association Followers on Facebook will recall our recent ‘sightings from Trader Joe’s’ when this was the Spotlight cheese.  Texas, Virginia, Florida and Illinois all claimed to have it!