Manx farms – Shoprite local sourced grub!

I’m writing to reach out to the North American Manx Association and let you guys know about a series of videos we produced profiling Manx farms and farmers.

I run a video production company here on the Island. Over the summer we were commissioned by Shoprite (our local Supermarket) to visit twelve Manx farms and create short profile videos about them. The farms supply Shoprite with fresh produce, mainly beef and sheep, but there is also a pig farm and an egg supplier in there.

I thought this may be of interest to your members as it provides an insight into farming methods on the Island (you can’t get any more Manx than Manx farmers!) And also, if anything else, it showcases the beautiful Manx countryside at the height of summer.

The videos can be viewed on our YouTube page:

You can scroll down the page to watch the farm videos which have only recently been uploaded. I’d also encourage you to look at our other videos as we cover a good range of businesses and events here on the Island. If you need any further information just give me a shout.

many thanks,