Manx Gaelic classes could be taught online via Skype

A scheme is being planned for an online Skype link-up to help people in their efforts to learn Manx Gaelic.  BBC
Language officers from the Isle of Man want to establish it to help people who cannot get to classes.
The move comes after a series of inquiries from speakers from as far afield as Australia, the US and Canada.
Manx language officer Adrian Cain said: “The most successful speakers are the ones who get together with others to practise and just give it a go.”
He added: “That is why something like this could be really helpful.
“There are already a lot of things going on via various social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, so Skype is just another way of creating a network of Manx speakers who want to progress with their learning”.
More information about learning through Skype is available from theLearn Manx website.