Manx is for life not just for Christmas – Adrian Cain

Bannaghtyn as Nollick Ghennal erriu

Just a quick note to wish everyone Nollick Ghennal as Blein vie noa. It’s been a very busy year at the Manx Heritage Foundation  and I feel a successful one for the work we do in supporting Manx Gaelic.
We’ve established a good presence on both youtube and Manxtube whilst people are more than welcome to join me on twitter if they want  to find out all the Gaelic skeet and learn some Manx. We continue to work to develop language materials and methodology for our ever improving adult language programme which should see some real progress (and more classes) next year. Two new programmes supported by the BBC have now started on Manx Radio whilst we have just started translating a new series of cartoons which are also supported by the Corporation. The Cooish, Manx Language Week, was a great success with a sold-out concert, a great day at the Villa Arcade and the visit of Christopher Moseley from UNESCO.
Next year we hope to get more material published in the language and develop further our adult language programme. I’m encouraged  by the support (from both on and off Island) that we get for the work we do and it’s incumbent on us to ensure that our work for the language over the next 12 months is of a high standard and goes some way to securing the future of Manx. We’re getting there!
Finally, don’t forget to add a Gaelic flavour to your Christmas cards this year. Check out our website for assistance with this but remember that Manx is for life not just for Christmas.

Adrian Cain, Manx Language Officer, Manx Heritage Foundation

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