Manx lessons going well

Laa mie. Kanys ta shiu? Shoh Kelly, reporting on the second meeting of Kiarkyl ny Gaelgey, the Manx study group in the Washington, D.C. area. On Sunday we learned how to greet and introduce each other. We’re using Bun-choorse Gaelgagh, the introductory course by Brian Stowell, and it is very user-friendly. I strongly urge other groups to get together and learn. Of course, we’re lucky because our class leader, Bill Cassidy can speak Gaelg and he helps us through it.

Our next meeting will be in the McCarthy’s bar on March 14th and in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day we will focus on the important business of ordering food and drinks. We will also have a guest, Mr. Alex Downie, who is in town for the important space convention at the new Gaylord Convention Center at National Harbor, just across the river. As you know, the Isle of Man is a major player in the new space industry and I can vouch for the fact that the Isle of Man delegation of Mr. Downie and Mr. Craine, work their socks off at these events forging links with space players from all over the world. The Island should be proud to have such a hard working and far-sighted team who are responsible for bringing home a great deal of bacon to contribute to the Manx coffers during these difficult times.

So Washington Manx, come to the lesson, you can learn the important skill of ordering a pint in Manx. Even if you haven’t been to the other classes, don’t worry, this will be a stand-alone special!  Check this site for updates: