Manx not dead

Global cultural body UNESCO has agreed to change its classification of Manx Gaelic following protests from the Island led by Chief Minister Tony Brown MHK. The Chief Minister’s Office has now received a letter from UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Culture, Françoise Rivière, accepting the points made on behalf of Manx and confirming that its classification will be changed from ‘extinct’ to ‘critically endangered’. Well done everyone!

Space talk and walk
Nicole has a blog. Let’s hope she puts up some spaced out thoughts soon. She’s doing a spacewalk later today.

From NASA: Flight Engineer Nicole Stott and Mission Specialist Danny Olivas are spending the night inside the Quest airlock at a lower air pressure to force nitrogen out their bloodstream. This prevents astronauts from getting decompression sickness during a spacewalk. Stott and Olivas are set to begin the first STS-128 spacewalk Tuesday at 5:49 p.m. EDT.