Manx 'pirates' dock in Argentina

Published online at 15/02/2012 17:15:38
A Manx-flagged vessel has defied a boycott by unions in Argentina and docked in the South American country.
On Monday, the Argentine Confederation of Transport Workers announced its workers wouldn’t service British vessels, or ships belonging to what it calls ‘convenience flags from the English pirates’.
The move was announced as tensions grow between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands.
But that hasn’t stopped the British Ruby landing a cargo of liquified natural gas at Bahia Blanca in the southwest of Buenos Aires province.
The 84,000-tonne double-hulled vessel belongs to BP and flies the Isle of Man flag.
She is delivering the third of five shipments from BP to Argentina, which imports large quantities of natural gas.
The vessel, which is 288 metres long and has a crew of 29, was due spend a day in the port while unloading.
The gas will supply a local re-gasification plant run by YPF, an Argentine oil company.
(Picture: The hull of the British Ruby. The image is from and the word ‘Douglas’ can be seen under the name of the vessel).