Manx Song in Hollywood blockbuster 

Did you know about the Manx song with its own scene in a Hollywood blockbuster? The latest film by the Coen Brothers was ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs,’ an American western anthology which came out in 2018. In one scene there are a scutch of drowsy people riding in a stagecoach when one of them begins to sing ‘Molly from the Isle of Man’ If you listen, you will hear that it is the music hall classic of the 1900s/1910s, ‘Kelly from the Isle of Man’ 

The scene from Buster Scrubbs can be seen here: The original is best known in the rendition by Florrie Forde, available here: 

We didn’t know this until we read this month’s edition of the Manx Music newsletter, KMJ. It comes highly recommended for all the latest newses from the world of music & dance: 

Thanks to New South Wales Newsletter for this interesting tidbit.