Manx trailblazers of ‘ukulele karaokecore’

Manx band Duke Ukem’s logo
Published on Saturday 3 March 2012 on iomtoday where there’s more to this story.
‘WE’VE come to hit hard, don’t disregard, the crazy ass yessirs with the tiny guitars.’
This is the poetry of Duke Ukem, the five-piece Manx trailblazers of ‘ukulele karaokecore’, a genre that blurs boundaries and weakens knees every time the guys take the stage.
Duke Ukem are Sam Martin (vocals and ukulele), Al Williams (vocals, ukulele), Alan Quirk (vocals, ukulele, melodica), Simon Talbot (drums) and Matty Kneale (bass).
Readers paying proper attention will note the hefty compliment of ukulele players – and it is from this humble instrument that Duke take their name, sound and attitude.
With tongues placed firmly in cheeks, the band have been rocking audiences for the past couple of years, covering songs ranging from the ska punk of Rancid to the diva pop of Lady Gaga, treading the fine line between parody and original brilliance.
The sense of fun is at the heart of the band, but it only works because they are so good – it would easily fall flat if the musicmanship was shoddy, but a triumphant set at Mannifest 2011 cemented their solid reputation.