Martin Clunes and the Islands of Britain

Jack Cormode sent me the link to the details about a TV show featuring Martin Clunes.

The doctor is in—and out.
The Cornish curmudgeon returns as physician to the citizens of Portwenn. New episodes of Doc Martin begin Monday, April 26, at 8pm on KTEH. Martin’s personality continues to abrade the gentle folk of this sleepy hamlet, and the return of his former fiancée adds a whole new wrinkle to the proceedings. Immediately following, let Martin Clunes be your guide to Doc Martin’s Islands of Britain, a fascinating three-part look at some of the nearly 6,000 isles of the United Kingdom. The program entitled The West features the Isle of Man. There was much excitement when he visited, he is a much loved actor and was very kind about the island. I’m sure that people who understand such things can work out when this show might appear in other regions.