Media Release form Tynwald!

Media Release
Coming Home for Tynwald Day
One of the UK’s leading film critics, Mark Kermode, who has Manx roots, will be among many ‘coming home’ for Tynwald Day.  
Mr Kermode (pictured) and his mother Audrey Kermode will be joining other guests of the President of Tynwald, the Hon Clare Christian, at the Tynwald Day ceremony on Monday July 7th.
This year’s National Day celebrations will be marked by a strong sense of ‘home’, with many homecomers swelling the crowds at St John’s, including representatives from the North American Manx Association (NAMA), visiting the Island for the 2014 NAMA convention taking place from July 3rd to 7th.
The convention will also provide the opportunity on July 4th for NAMA president Jody Morey to present the 2014 North American Manx Awards in the Barrool Suite in the Legislative Buildings. The awards recognise outstanding achievements by young people in the Isle of Man in the fields of Manx music, art and crafts and are set to have a heightened significance this year when the Island is recognising its rich cultural heritage through Island of Culture 2014, a year-long celebratory programme of which Madam President and Mr Kermode are joint patrons.
Looking ahead to the NAMA convention the association’s first vice-president Kelly McCarthy said: ‘The 2014 NAMA convention has been six years in the planning and we could not have put together anything this complex without a great deal of help from the wonderful people of the Isle of Man. Naturally, we planned our trip to coincide with Tynwald Day and we have been overwhelmed by the kindness shown to us by Madam President and the staff of Tynwald, as well as organisations all across the Island. As our convention motto has it: “Yindyssagh! We’re Going Back! Gura mie eu, Ellan Vannin!” We are glad to be in our homeland once again. ‘
NAMA president Jody Morey said: ‘NAMA holds a convention every two years and we are delighted to be returning to the Isle of Man in 2014.  The last convention held there was in 2000.  Kelly McCarthy has worked with many people on the Isle to make our convention educational as well as fun. We are looking forward to the guided tour of the Legislative Buildings, the Tynwald garden party and other tours and festivities.
‘Traditionally, the NAMA president visits during the off-convention year and in 2013 I participated in the presentation of the NAMA Medallion awards and Most Progress in Manx awards and other activities.  Madam President and all others I met were very gracious and always welcoming.’
Tynwald Day will be streamed live via the Tynwald Day 2014 section at
For further information contact:
Jonathan King
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Legislative Buildings
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June 26 2014