Memorial for Baby Crix

The youngest victim of the ‘Ellan Vannin’ disaster has been remembered during a special ceremony in Ramsey on what would have been her 101st birthday. On the 30th January, 2010, a wreath was laid at the Ellan Vannin Memorial on Ramsey quayside in remembrance of the ten month old child referred to over the last century simply as ‘infant Crix’.
But after some in depth research by Harry Edmondson, who also helped organise the special memorial for the centenary of the sinking of the ‘Ellan Vannin’ on board the Mersey ferry MV Snowdrop, and the help of the baby’s family, he was able to locate the birth certificate of the child. Mary Jane Crix was born in Liverpool although her father came from a well known sea faring family in Ramsey. Richard Stafford, author of ‘The Ellan Vannin Story’ mentions that the Crix family lived in what is now known as Post Office Lane, but this was also referred to as ‘Crix’s Lane’ by local people. The child’s mother is also thought to have been born in Liverpool, but with a maiden name of Moore she too may have Manx connections.
Relatives of the family and Chief Minister Tony Brown were invited to the simple ceremony, where a wreath bearing the child’s name was laid at the memorial by Harry Edmondson. An additional commemorative plaque at the site now names all those who lost their lives in this tragedy.
Valerie Caine
© February 2010