Message from Adrian Cain – Manx Language Officer

A big gura me eu goes out to all those people – businesses, individuals and organisations – who supported this Year’s Manx Language week, the Cooish. We had a marvellous start to the week with a celebration of the language at the Villa Marina Arcade. We’ve put together a fantastic little montage of the day; click here to view the video. The superb contribution from the children, staff and parents of the Bunscoill is a reminder of the importance of the work we all do.

The following day saw the Ned Maddrell lecture, which this year, was delivered by Chris Moseley of UNESCO. Chris had a great time on the Island and was amazed and delighted by what he saw at the Bunscoill. You can see an interview with Chris here and check out the Isle of Manx Newspaper coverage of the event here.The good news story, that is the revival of interest in Manx, is something Chris will be spreading around the world. The whole of the Ned Maddrell lecture is now available here

There were a wide variety of events during the rest of the week and a fantastic, sell-out concert with Samling and the Reeling Stones in Port Erin on the Friday night. Click here for the IOM Newspaper review of the evening. He misses out the Cooish meeting in The Albert, Port St. Mary which was widely attended, not least by your own correspondent. How great to see a bar full of Manx speakers!)

Again thanks to Cains, Long & Humphrey and of Course the Manx Heritage Foundation for all their support this year.
The Cooish week also saw the launch of two new programmes inManx Gaelic on Manx Radio which are supported by the BBC. The programmes are broadcast on Medium Wave on a Monday and Friday from 5-6pm. This is a great development for the language and further details can be found with my video interview with Mark Tyley here

Finally, I’m pleased to say that my Saturday morning Peel class is under way. We’ve had loads of interest in the class and we’ll aim to establish more adult language classes in the near future. In the meantime I hope you had an enjoyable Hop tu Naa…with a moot! 

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