Message from Ynsee Gaelg and Adrian Cain

Check out the following Christmas Greetings in Manx but remember, Manx is for life and not just for Christmas!

Nollick Ghennal = Happy Christmas
Nollick Ghennal as Blein Vie Noa = Happy Christmas and a Good New Year
Bannaghtyn = Blessings/greetings
Lesh yeearreeyn share = With best wishes
Lesh yeearreeyn share son y Nollick as y Vlein Noa = With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year
Lesh yeearreeyn share ec yn imbagh casherick shoh = With best wishes at this holy Season
Shee as Boggey erriu = Peace and Joy to you
Lesh Shee as Graih = With peace and love
Hee’m oo ‘sy vlein noa = See you in the New Year
Shee erriu car ny bleeaney shoh çheet = Peace to you throughout the coming year

A traditional Christmas greeting is as follows:
Nollick Ghennal erriu, as blein feer vie
Seihll as slaynt da’n slane lught-thie;
Bea as gennallys eu bio ry-cheilley,
Shee as graih eddyr mraane as deiney

A Merry Christmas to you, and a very good year
Long life and health to the whole household;
Life and joy to you living together,
Peace and love between women and men.

Some other phrases worth knowing:
Christmas Card = Kaart Nollick
Christmas Carol = Carval
Christmas Day = Laa Nollick
Christmas Eve = Oie’ll Voirrey
Christmas Tree = Billey Nollick
Father Christmas = Jishag y Nollick
Snowman = Fer sniaghtee
Shelg yn drean = Hunt the wren