MHK calls for lower drink age limit in Isle of Man

Here’s an interesting story. Apparently, the island is very boring for young people. So, a Manx politician wants 16-year-olds to be served in the island’s pubs because there is “not enough for them to do.” MHK Bill Malarkey said he had been speaking to the “young people on the streets on Friday nights” to find out why and what they were drinking.
At the moment, 16-year-olds are allowed in pubs but are not permitted to buy alcohol until they reach 18.
Chief Constable Mike Langdon said he was open to discussion as it might teach them “sensible drinking”. Mr Malarkey, who is in charge of Chief Minister Tony Brown’s Drug and Alcohol strategy, said he had no problem with allowing them in the pubs” as it might stop them from drinking on the streets. Mr Langdon, however, was more cautious saying he was willing to discuss the issue but it could end up with young people drinking more alcohol.