Mick Jagger in Isle of Man drugs legalisation call

Mick Jagger

Sir Mick Jagger* has said on TV that drugs should be legalised on the Isle of Man to discover what impact it would have on society. BBC

Speaking on US chat show Larry King Live, the Rolling Stones singer said the island’s “captive society” should be used to “see what happens”. The 66-year-old said that the island was already used as a testing ground for trying out new mobile phones.
Manx MHK Bill Mallarkey said the comments were “irresponsible”.

I’d be surprised if Mick Jagger could remember where the Isle of Man is
Bill Mallarkey, MHK

Speaking on Larry King Live on CNN, Sir Mick said:

“The whole question of legalising drugs is fraught. You usually try these things out in very small places. You know, like you try a new product out in a small kind of society or an island somewhere.

“In England they always try out new mobile phones in the Isle of Man. They’ve got a captive society. You should try the legalisation of all drugs on the Isle of Man and see what happens.”

Bill Mallarkey, MHK with responsibility for the Manx drug and alcohol strategy, said:

“Jagger’s comments are out of order and irresponsible to suggest that people on the Isle of Man should be used as social guinea pigs. I’d be surprised if Mick Jagger could remember where the Isle of Man is, as he’s not been here since a concert in 1964 to my knowledge.

“If he does want to come and discuss this any further he’d better not bring any drugs with him as the Isle of Man has a zero tolerance policy on possession of drugs and severe penalties for drug-dealing.”

Under Manx law, drug dealers of class A or B drugs can be imprisoned for up to 14 years.
The singer is attending the Cannes film festival for a screening of the Rolling Stones documentary Stones On Exile, about the making of the band’s 1972 album Exile On Main Street.

*Younger readers should know that Sir Mick is a musician in an senior citizen’s rock band called the Rolling Stones. They were very popular back in the sixties and seventies when your parents were young. Their drug habits are legendary and a member of the band died as a consequence of drug abuse.  That Sir Mick would suggest using the IoM as a test bed for drugs suggests that the mental faculties of the surviving members have also been affected. And as for suggesting we’re a part of England….