Mike Bellis is coming to Boston for surgery

You may remember an e-mail I sent out about a chap called Mike Bellis who has a rare brain tumor which is so unusual that the only place in the world that thinks it can remove it is in Boston. Mike is from Peel and due to an amazing response by the Manx public (and maybe some of us) he is coming to the States.

Mike, a 28-year-old plumber, from Douglas, had a consultation with world-leading neurosurgeon Dr Peter Black in Boston last month.

Dr Black is prepared to operate as soon as possible to remove the tumour and begin radiotherapy to tackle the astrocytoma – a cancer affecting the nervous system – Mike was diagnosed with in the spring.

If you check out the article you will see that the fund raising is being conducted by Geoff Gelling, the IOM Bank’s Head of Retail Banking and the son of NAMA’s friends, Joan and former Chief Minister, Donald Gelling.

Donations can still be made by contacting Mike via email on or by sending cheques, made payable to Mr M. T. Bellis, 3 Robert Cubbon Close, Douglas, IM2 6PT, British Islands.