Milner's Tower to be fixed up

A landmark in the south of the Isle of Man is to be renovated by the government at a cost of £90,000.
Photo by George Barnes, I hope he doesn’t mind me using it .
 It is a fabulous shot of the tower with Port Erin in the background 
Milner’s Tower, on Bradda Head in Port Erin, will undergo repairs to make damaged walls watertight.
It was constructed as a viewing tower in 1871 in memory of William Milner and ownership was transferred to the Manx government in 2009.
MHK Brenda Cannell said: “This work is a stitch in time which will save potential higher costs later on.”
The work will be carried out by lime render experts Grenaby Limeworks, who have previously worked on Manx National Heritage sites including Rushen Abbey and Castle Rushen.
I’ve always been told that the tower is in the shape of a key to reflect the occupation of William Milner who was a safe maker. I was also told that the monument was to be erected in his honor by the people of Port Erin but when he found out he was mortified that they would use public funds to celebrate him and underwrote the project himself. Kelly