Milntown is the old home of the Christian family from Ramsey. It has had bits added to it over the centuries and is currently in the hands of the Milntown Trust who are restoring it, the collection of cars and motorcycles that the last owners had, and the gardens. The house, tearoom and gardens will open in February. While I was over in December I was able to present them with an artifact from the six-year period before the first world war when it was a school. My grandmother, Kathleen Grange, attended the school and was given this fine, leatherbound, gold-embossed copy of Keats’ poems to mark her good work. It is inscribed by one of the Misses Christian. With me in the photo are Dollin Kelly and Esther Richmond (children of Kathleen Grange and my father and aunt) and Charles Guard (right) who is a trustee of Milntown and is doing a great job along with Paul Ogden in restoring the place.