Moghrey mie Washington Manx. Tomorrow our Manx classes begin!

Our twice-monthly Manx classes start at 3pm on Sunday Feb. 14th – tomorrow – and will run through 5pm. Bring anyone who wants to come! Go to Bill Cassidy’s site: for more details.

Venue: 1006 Cameron Street, Alexandria, VA, 22314. It’s a straight shot off 495 or down Route One and it’s a few blocks up Cameron Street off the GW Parkway. It’s in the block between Patrick and Henry Streets which are the North- and South-bound lanes of Route One.

Parking: will be hard as the snow is presenting a problem to the Alexandria City authorities but there is a free parking lot on the left of the block between King and Cameron on Patrick Street (NB Route 1). We have been using parking lots but I don’t know if they are open on Sunday. If you like the Metro get off at King Street (Yellow/Blue lines) walk down King and take a left on Patrick. Only the last building hadn’t shovelled yesterday!

$50 / person for 10 sessions
$25 additional for Bun-choorse Gaelgagh
$75 total for the introductory course.